Indian State Museums

West-BengalIndian State Museums mainly represent and preserve the rich cultural heritage of their the-indian-museum_51673aba-4359-11e5-a8da-005056b4648erespective states. India is well known as agovernment-states-museum-chennai culturally rich country all over the world and is also renowned for large number of museums that it houses.

Purana-Qila There are various kinds of museums in India like the Archaeological Museums, Science Museums, Technological Museums, Art Museums and History Museums.

1610Museums of East and North East India
Odisha is a small state in India, holding a rich past and cultural heritage. The state has been patronized for its glorious art and culture from ancient age and the museums of Orissa are quite popular among the Indian State Museums.

museum1Museums in West Bengal uphold national heritage and promote international gandhi-museum-maduraiunderstanding.

Museums of South Indiamahabalipuram-tourist-place1s
The museums in Tamil Nadu are also considered as popular ones among the Indian State Museums for preserving the interesting archaeological and anthropological objects of the state.

Om Namah ShivayaMuseums of North Indiaunnamed
Jammu and Kashmir has always been the centre of cultural heritage since time immemorial. The museums of Jammu and Kashmir nicely hold the glory of the state’s past events and affairs and hence, they attract more visitors than most of the other Indian State Museums.

Museums of West Indiaunnamed
The museums of Gujarat will provide it’s visitors with glimpses of the earlier emperors, incidents from their lives and portraits of the royal families.

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