Indian Classical Music

UntitledIndian Classical music imagesoriginated in the Vedas and later branched into two streams of Carnatic and Hindustani music.

Indian Classical music is rooted in the Vedas, the oldest of the Hindu scriptures. भारतीय_संगीतThe term ‘Classical’ is indicative of the fact that the art was mainly patronised by the elite cinema_course_1_imagein society and performed for their benefit.

Origin of Indian Classical Music
Indian classical music has developed through centuries of complex interactions between various cultures and people.

Schools of Indian Classical Music
Indian classical music split into two branches: Untitledthe northern Hindustani tradition, influenced by the musical traditions of the Mughals, and the southern Carnatic tradition which remained more or less culturally Hindu and fotojet_-_2020-03-31t204250.413devotional in nature.

Instruments Used In Indian Classical Musicsitar-png-transparent-images-173948-7410273.png
Instruments used in Classical music are typical to the school of music which employs them. A comprehensive overview of these instruments includes veena, sitar, mridangam, tanpura, sarod, flute, sarangi, shehnai, tabla, harmonium and violin.

tansen 01Indian Vocalists
Indian Classical Music is mainly a vocal art, and there are Tansen-3-minmany ragas which are even sung unaccompanied. It must be mentioned here that one of the best-known vocalists of all time was Miyan Tansen who performed in the court of one bismillah_khan_030818of the greatest Mughal Emperor, Akbar .

Indian Classical Instrumentalists
The Classical instrumentalists are known the world over for their unique and versatile style of performance.Bismillah Khan is a renowned Shehnai player.Untitled Eminent in the field of flute playing are Hariprasad Chaurasia,Vijay Raghav Rao,Pannalal Ghosh,Raghunath Seth,Nityanand Haldipur and others.Chandrakant Deshmukh, Budhadithya Mukherjee and Shahid Parvez are well known Sitar Players.

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