Indian Kathakali Dancers

Indian Kathakali dancers are the talented artists who have made Kathakali, a popular art in all across the globe. Kathakali is probably the oldest theatre forms in the world. It was originated in the state of Kerala and the Kathakali dancers perform a group presentation, in which they act upon various roles which are traditionally based on the themes from sacred Hindu mythology, especially the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The Indian Kathakali dancers are experts in expressing the highly developed language of gesture, through which the artists usually convey the whole sentences and stories. The body movements and foot works of these dancers are very rigorous. However, the elaborate make up aids the dancers to a great extent in expressing their story. Apart from the facial make up, each Kathakali dancer wears a detailed costume, with a headdress and several layers of skirts, as well as heavy jewellery, anklets, bracelets and rings.

Popular Kathakali Dancers
Kathakali dancers in India are usually only men. Men dressed in women’s costume portray female characters. However, in recent years, women have also started to become Kathakali dancers. Following are the Popular Kathakali Dancers:

Kalamandalam Gopi: Gopi has been honoured with the esteemed Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. One of the most respected Kathakali dancers of the India is Kalamandalam Gopi, a student of the famous gurus like Padmanabhan Nair, Ramankutty Nair and Kumaran Nair. He had a celebrated career spanning over three decades, during which he has stood out in all main roles of Northern Kathakali style.

Kalamandalam Krishna Prasad: He excels in depicting both male as well as female characters. Kalamandalam Krishna Prasad is another famous Kathakali dancer. He was awarded with the M.A Vellody Medal at Kalamandalam for being the top student, in adding to receiving a number of other honours and awards.

Kottakkal Sivaraman: Kottakkal Sivaraman’s description was perfect. He captured the different emotions of Pingala as he travels from the depths of distresses to the heights of religious happiness. He displayed the emotions of a combination of nayika bhavas, like vasakasajjika and lasya nayika.

Kalamandalam Kesavan Namboodiri: Kalamandalam Kesavan Namboodiri has presented Kathakali Dance in a lot of stages all around India and overseas. His capability is in “Minukku” characters, but now performing “Pacha”, “Kathi”, “Thadi” characters also. He has also directed the Kathakali Sreekrishnaavatharam which is written by Nalloorpalli Vamanan Namboodiri and performed in lots of stages. Now he is working on “Kirathasoonucharitham” Kathakali. To know more read:


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