Chakras in Sahaja Yoga Meditation

There are innumerous tiny vital life forces whirling through the body, which are concentrated into centers called ChakrasChakra is a Sanskrit term that means wheel. They are named as wheels as energies spin at these points, rotating clockwise with certain frequencies or vibration. This system has a resemblance with galaxy of planets, each spinning on its own axis. The seven main Chakras are located along the spinal cord and are energized and felt after Self-Realization. This Chakras control various parts and organs of our body. Each Cahkra is designed to maintain the perfect operation of the bodily system under its control.


The Chakras are responsible for the well being of the human body. So it is important to understand the functioning of each chakra and also the factors, which disturb Chakra balancing. Every thought and action influences the sensitivity and performance of these chakra centers. To start with Chakra balancing in Sahaja Yoga meditation, one has to eliminate the gross negativity. This might take time but the result will be felt from the beginning. Once, Self-realization is achieved and the charkas are cleared, the source of all this information will be available.


Each subtle center inside a human being has projections on different parts of the bodies. For example if one feeling a tingling sensation on the left middle finger then there is an imbalance in the left aspect of the third Chakra or the Nabhi Chakra. On the other hand a cool and light sensation on the right thumb means the right aspect of the second Chakra or the Swadhisthana Chakra is in a balanced state. Thus the knowledge of Chakras and the associated organs governed by the charkas help one to realize all the obstacles inside that bring imbalance in the subtle system. To know more read:


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