Indian Paintings as an Art Form

Indian Paintings as an Art form has been practiced since the ancient times. Among the various forms of art, painting is most adored from earliest period, as painting captures the emotion and expression and retains this for a long period. Painting is the visual documentation of man’s thought and experience. In India painting was practiced from ancient time as evidence can be found in the prehistoric cave paintings of Bhimbetka. This paintings was done even before 5550 BC and spans around 600 hundred years, starting from upper Paleolithic to prehistoric and medieval times.

Early History of Indian Paintings as an Art Form
The antediluvian cave men engraved on the walls of caves with the blunt stone tools and coloured with twigs using minerals, earth and coal. They painted images of animals, scenes of hunting and also some feeble human figures. Eventually painting flourished in different regions of India in different periods of time. The paintings are segmented in two different forms- wall painting and miniature. In various times, the paintings have been illustrated on the walls of caves, temples and palaces and on clothes as Patachitra or on leaves. These paintings reveal the influence of local cerebral and cultural sensibilities as well as give cross-cultural insights.

Types of Indian Paintings as an Art Form
The vastness of India, its different geographical locations and various forms of culture gave rise to different forms of art and paintings, which are distinct from each other with their own characteristics but carry a common Indian essence. The Madhubani/Mithila painting, Pahari painting, Rajasthani painting, Warli painting from Maharastra and different South Indian styles namely Tanjore, Mysore, Lepakshi are the common examples. Also under royal patronage several styles evolved namely Mughal paintings, Rajput painting etc. Medium and technique also poses an important feature to the paintings. In India, lots of painting materials are available naturally and depending on this, various forms of painting like Batik, Kalamkari, Glass painting, Marble painting, Palm leaf etching etc have been evolved. There are also typical local forms of paintings like Phadas, Pithora, Pichwai, Worli, Thangka paintings etc. To know more read:


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