Breathing Exercises For Handling Involuntary Release

Breathing is indeed one of the elementary bases in releasing the Kundalini. There are many variances of breathing exercises, depending on the function. The following are a few of the possibilities. It is advised to be careful, because more advanced breathing techniques may release Kundalini in uncontrollable ways.

Colour Breathing– One needs to sit or lie comfortably, making sure that the spine is upright. Firstly, one should begin to breathe into the entire body, feeling the breath enter each cell, then one should imagine that the body is filled with a red light (one needs to make it a red “with love” so it does not bring up old frustrations). This state should be held on for a few minutes, breathing into each cell, conscious of the vibrational quality within the system. Then one can release the red light and do the similar with orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and lavender (in that order). Eventually, one needs to fill the body with a radiant white light and meditate on the divine source. (The meditation can be diverged by centering on God, a spiritual being, the universe, the purpose of life or a spiritual verse or idea.) After completing the exercise, one should stretch the whole body.

Vibrational Breathing– Firstly, one should sit upright or lie contentedly, with the spine erect. Then, one should start breathing deeply, allowing the whole body and abdominal regions to project out. Firstly, one needs to fill the lower part of the chest with air, extending the abdomen slightly, then expanding the middle of the chest and finally the upper part of the chest. Then, one needs to inhale for seven counts; hold on for seven counts, exhale to the count of seven, and hold the breath out for seven counts. Then, it needs to be continued. One can synchronise the counting with the pulse beat; speed doesn’t matter as much as evenness and continuity.

If the chest scarcely moves during inhalation or exhalation, one can try consciously fighting it out while inhaling and pulling it in while exhaling. Many a person’s rib cage are so locked in by their muscle system, that it is complicated for them to take a good breath. As the rhythm gets rolling and the counting becomes automatic, one should become attentive of the pulse of the universe- it’s in and out movement- and its vibrational hum. One can also follow this exercise with open meditation. To know more read:




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