Caves in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, regarded as the wettest place on earth is also a land of caves. It has almost 500 caves that have been formed due to excessive rains in the region. Exploring the caves provides a sense of excitement to the tourists. These natural caves spread all over Meghalaya serve as a special attraction for tourists. Few of the caves have been described below:

Mawsmai Cave 
The entrance of the cave can be reached by passing through the village of Mawsmai that remains surrounded by forests. Passing through the forest one reaches a clearing. From this clearing, a concrete pathway runs through the jungle that leads to the main cave entrance. It is the only cave that remains completely lighted. There are two parts of the cave, the old and the new. It has remarkable formations of large passages and chambers.

Krem Mawshun 
The cave lies about 680 m in a direct line east of the church at Lelad but 100 m lower. It master rivers cave that collect several inlets and drains the area east of the village Lelad. The entrance of the cave opens to a 5 m pot that descends into a fine stream passage, which again leads to a 24 m deep pitch. The stream passage gets larger; both upstream and downstream, with the downstream passage measuring 12 m by 10 m. The cave has several very well decorated high level passages. The cave system is 3339 m in length.

Synrang Pamiang 
The cave entrance is situated north of the track from Chiehruphi village. It is presently the 3rd longest cave in India with 14,157 m of surveyed passage. The entrance passage of the cave directs to a boulder strewn passage of 500m. It is then followed by one of the world’s finest cave passages that are 7.63km. It is probably one of the world’s longest single cave passages. The cave has five entrances with the other four being Krem Musmari, Thloolong Cherlamet, Krem Eit Hati and Krem Khlieh Trai Lum. To know more read:



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