Lac Craft in India

Lac Craft in India is an ancient art. A number of articles are prepared by this craftwork in different parts of the country. Lac industry has been growing since ancient times and over the years; many adept artisans have emerged throughout the country. Lac work is applied to furniture and other decorative items. Multicoloured lac marbles, lacquered walking sticks, lac mats, lac bangles and lacquered toys are some common and cherished products of Lac Craft in India.

Lac is a coloured resin that is obtained from wild trees. It is collected from insects that accumulate this resin and is thoroughly purified before use. Multicoloured balls and sticks of lac are made by twisting coloured melted sealing wax round the stick or ball from top to bottom in alternate bands. Thereafter, the stick or ball is held before the fire and with the help of a needle different colourful designs are made on them. These are then rapidly rolled on a cool and smooth surface. Making of lac bracelets also includes elaborate steps. For this, lac bangles are firstly made separately. These are then slipped over the oily conical head of a rice pounder and are heated in such a way that they stick to each other without melting. Thereafter, a pattern is printed on the cylinder of bracelets. To embellish them, tin and a small lump of glue are pounded together till they form a dull grey metallic paste and are boiled in a copper vessel. The patterns on the bracelets are then intricately decorated with this paste. Application of varnish on them helps to turn all the white dots of the tin pattern into a beautiful golden colour. Lac bracelets are also ornamented with little glass beads and bits of tin or copper foil stuck along the edges.

Owing to the plethora of artefacts, varying tremendously in designs and patterns, lac craft has always been in great demand. This unique craftwork reflects an amalgamation of traditional as well as contemporary styles. In addition to being trendy artefacts, lac crafts are also associated with religious beliefs of India. Lac articles are considered auspicious and are thus used in cultural and religious ceremonies also. Apart from the people of the country, lac crafts in India also attract people from all over the world. To know more read:


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