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Leather Crafts are one of the most cherished crafts in India reflecting an amalgamation of style and tradition. Leather Crafts of India has an alluring and unique style. India has earned substantial fame in leather crafts and has acquired a firm grip in the international market as well. Various leather crafts are prepared in different regions of India which caters the need of local, national as well as international markets.

Leather industry in India is one of the largest industries of the country. There are several regions in India where Leather Crafts are prevalent. Kolhapur city in Maharashtra is renowned for traditional leather footwear known as Kolhapuri chappals. These are crafted indigenously and are well admired in India as well as the world. Enchanting embroidered leather crafts are the specialty of Gwalior and Indore cities of Madhya Pradesh too. Decorative leather footwear of Rajasthan is also one of the acclaimed Leather Crafts of India. Embellished beautifully with beads, sequins, silk and metal embroideries, these leather crafts have also enlisted themselves in the most cherished crafts of India. Decorative leather saddles for horses and camels are found in Jaisalmer and Bikaner cities. Another state that holds a remarkable position in the field of leather crafts is West Bengal. Santiniketan pattern is a famous leather craft of Bengal. Apart from this, other traditional decorative leather artifacts are also well known products of Bengal. Besides this, Leather Crafts are also manufactured in many other parts of India as well.

ather items such as traditional shoes are specialized Leather Crafts of a particular locale. Creative leather products painted with epics and mythological pictures with gold and silver are beautiful portrayals of the culture and traditions of India. ‘Zari’ works with gold and silver threads in leather items like ‘jooties’ and ‘chappals’ are testaments of outstanding artistry and imparts elegance to the embroidered products. Traditional leather ‘jooties’ are sometimes decorated with silk and beads; sometimes appliqu‚ work is also done to add magnificence to the item. The leather is embroidered, studded, sequined, and stitched in a variety of attractive traditional designs. Sometimes the shoes are intricately decorated with gold and multicoloured threads to give them a gorgeous look. Leather artifacts having a traditional touch are immensely loved by the people throughout the country. Mojris (also known as jootis or pagarkhiyas), a kind of footwear, is also a Leather Craft that is well admired for its craftsmanship and variations of designs. “Kashidakari” is an art that is done on the ‘jootis’ with silk, metal, beads or as appliqu‚ with thin leather pieces of different colours. ‘Peshwari’ is another kind of jooti that is worn by both men and women. ‘Nagra’ is another jooti that is admired in all places of India and are embroidered with Mughal motifs in gold and brightly coloured threads having intricate and brilliant designs. To know more read:




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