Bamboo Crafts in India

Bamboo crafts in India are very popular due to its eco friendly attributes. Since ancient times, bamboo crafts had been occupying a significant position as India produces a huge amount of bamboo and cane. The bamboo craft is associated with cane and bamboo, and had been a part of Indian crafts giving rise to the expression of tribal art and provided them livelihood. As India is blessed with deft artistry, these types of craft developed in this country very soon and with the changing of style and trend, the craft has developed its designs and deftly blended tradition with fashion.

The Indian artisans are dexterous in creating bamboo crafts and arrays of bamboo items are famous in Indian as well as in abroad. Basically the artisans create variations in their creations. The craftsmen create different items with the help of different bamboos and canes that are locally known as ‘sundi’, ‘barjali’, ‘harua’, ‘golla’ etc are required for making furniture and baskets. It is observed that generally three species of cane are exploited in commercial quantities- Jati (Calamus tenuis), Tita (Calamus leptesadix) and Lejai (Calamus floribundus). Some less important qualities like Sundi (Calamus garuba) and Raidang (Calamus flagellum) are also extracted for creating superb designs.

Bamboo and cane crafts have been getting more admiration from all over India and the government is thinking to promote this type of ancient and tribal craft to capture the international market. The bamboo and cane crafts have been remaining the backbone of the rural economy of the country. The government is planning to promote these crafts by providing aids. To know more read:



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