Contemporary Indian Crafts

Indian craft paced a step further after the independence. The amalgamation of the western craft pattern ideally gelled with the native form whilst making contemporary Indian craft to stand apart. The government started to adopt a serious stance towards the Indian craft. Various aids were granted and the Indian craft and art developed as the time proceeded. In response to such efforts the craftsmen of India fascinated with the designs of the hybrid “Anglo-Indian” furniture. These were famous amongst the British as well as the Indians during the British period. These antique furniture are still in demand. The sophisticated commissioned pieces, made from precious materials, represent the artistry of the Indian of craftsmanship. These exquisite pieces are appealing to collectors even today because they combine a familiar form with exotic materials and decoration.

Moreover, in spite of absence of royal patronage, contemporary Indian craft traditions have acquired the mantle of small-scale and cottage industry. Some of the sectors within the craft industry have even become full scale large industries like carpet weaving, traditional textile (Banarsi silk sari, Chikankari etc), gem cutting and polishing, jewellery making, the world famous diamond cutting and polishing industry, jute products, brassware, etc. These industries are growing due to the ever-increasing demand and popularity of Indian crafts in the domestic market and abroad. Carpet making, gems and jewellery, leather products, jute products etc. are some industries, which are expanding rapidly. In fact the present status of craft in India owes much to the rich craft traditions of the past. Most of the crafts from the past continue to flourish due to their utilitarian nature, their availability to the common people and popularity in domestic and foreign markets. To know more read:


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