Beaches of South India

Beaches of South India are extremely popular among the visitors for its rich geographic expansion and the lush green vegetation along the coastline. The southern part of India covers a rich geographic and cultural region that includes the entire Indian Peninsula. It starts from the south of the Satpura and the Vindyan ranges encompassing the Deccan Plateau and ends with the Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India and the Western Ghats Mountain Range in India. The Narmada River lies in between the ranges and the Deccan Plateau.

Beaches of South India mainly cover the beaches of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The beaches of Kerala are placed between the Lakhswadeep Sea and the Western Ghats in Southern India. Tamil Nadu possesses the second longest beach in the world namely the Marina beach. Bay of Bengal of the South eastern part stretches along the vast sand sea shores. Karnataka boast of a coast line of around 320 km filled with the tranquility and delightful images of the beautiful landscape.

Beaches of Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh has 970 square kilometers of sea beach along with caves and temples. The sea coast extends along Bay of Bengal of eastern part of India. Some of the prime beaches in Andhra Pradesh are Uppada Beach, Kalingapatnam Beach, Perupalem Beach, Bheemili Beach, Koduru beach, Manginapudi Beach, Mypadu Beach, Rama Puram Beach, Ramakrishna Mission Beach, Rishikonda Beach, Sagarnagar beach, Suryalanka Beach, Tenneti Beach, Vodarevu Beach, Yarada Beach and Antarvedi Beach. To know more read:


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