Indian Beverages, Indian Food

India has remained legendary, rising to top chart for its mouth-watering, refreshing, cheap and easy to make beverages. The beverages available in India have formulated the choicest selection of interesting drinks that are reflective of the indigenous culture. Beverages in India possess that ‘something special’ about the drinking concoction or mix, which is mostly introduced and instilled in the drink. Any given beverage possesses an interrelation with the culture of a particular society. These drinks are popular on festive occasions and served for entertaining guests. Beverages are also served at Indian weddings, amidst much fanfare.

History of Indian Beverages
The Mughals are acknowledged to have introduced the concept of ‘Sharbat’ which is a sweet fruit or flower fragrant beverages amongst the pan-Indian populace, moving finally from royal household. The British Raj were the foremost to introduce the class as well as the mass to get hooked on to ‘Tea’ time, ensuing in the most legendary and admired Indian beverages recognised as ‘Garam Chai’ or ‘Masala Chai’.

Types of Indian Beverages

ndia has a food culture that loves a beverage, before their meals, during their meals and also a beverage to end their meals. Indians also have beverages like a ‘Kesar Doodh’ or a ‘Masala Doodh’ or even a ‘Haldi Doodh’ before bedtime. The most traditional Indian beverages comprise Garam-Chai, Lassi, Chaach, Sharbat, Thandai, Shikanji, Kanji or even sweetened milk with ground nuts. Jal-Jeera is a popular street beverage in the whole of the country.  To know more read:



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